Wednesday, August 29, 2012

No excavation for the nation this evening :( (29/08/2012)

Good morning trusty turtle followers, We hope to find you well on this some what blustery day here at Alagadi! Volunteers battled through sand storms and raging waves last night, patrolling the beaches, so firstly I would like to congratulate them on making it all safely through and in one piece! However, I am sad to say that there is no public excavation on this evening, and we are uncertain whether there is going to be a hatchling release this evening, as we are still waiting for our North day crew to return. Please don't forget to give us a call at 12 noon to see whether we will be having one on. Call us on 05338798533. For now, we hope that you have a marvelous day whatever you are up to, and hopefully we will have an excavation for you tomorrow! Stay tuned for further updates! All the best Collsy xxx

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