Sunday, August 26, 2012

We are back...but no excavation this evening (26/08/2012)

Good morning trusty turtle followers! We apologies for the lack of blog update over the last couple of weeks, we had internet issues, but that is now hopefully in the past! We hope that you haven't given up on us while we have been off line. Over the past week, we have had been successful with a total of 17 nest hatchling and been excavated. Sadly however, today we do not have an excavation on, as nothing hatched at Alagadi last night. However, do not fret, as we will be having a hatchling release this evening with the full maximum 30 places available for the booking. Please remember that we will not be taking any bookings until 12 noon, and if you are unsuccessful please try again another day, as there are plenty of nests still to hatch, with us being roughly half way through our hatchling season. For any further information, please call our Goastshed phone on (009)05338798533, and hopefully we will be having an excavation tomorrow, but give us a call in the morning to double check. Hope you have a wonderful day, whatever you might be doing. Collsy xxx

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