Thursday, August 9, 2012

No excavation this evening :( (09/08/2012)

Hi trust turtle followers, Firstly I would like to apologies for the lateness of this blog update, it has been quite a packed morning, and secondly I am sorry to announce that we will not be having an excavation on this afternoon. The last couple of days, volunteers have been doing split shifts due to a group of volunteers heading off to Erenköy to celebrate and commemorate those who fell during the dispute. So we aloud them on more day to get back into the routine, from which point, service will run as normal tomorrow (well as normal as we get out here)! Currently we are averaging a couple of nests a night so hopefully the hatchlings wont let us down, and we will be having another excavation tomorrow. Keep an eye on the blog for notification as to whether there is going to be an excavation, or call us on: 05338798533. Also if you would like to see whether we have a hatchling release on, and would like to book on, please call the Goatshed on the number above. Hope to bring you some good news of an excavation tomorrow! Collsy xxx

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