Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lets celebrate, lets excavate! (15/08/2012)

Goooood morning turtle bloggers I am happy to announce that we will be having another excavation on this evening, with the only nest that hatched last night. The nest is located on the second bay from the GS and is a loggerhead nest. This morning we have yet to get any hatchlings from our North of day time crew, so as yet we are not having a hatchling release at 8pm. However, do not fret too much! After we have excavated the nest this evening, and if there is a number of hatchlings dug up, we will see whether we have enough to release. If we do then we will recommend you to come up to the GS to book on for it. Do however, bear in mind that there are a lot of you guys wanting to do hatchling releases, any we may be fully booked within a couple of visitor returning. But we are doing releases pretty much daily, so if we don't have a release or if you can't book on, then don't forget to call us at 12 noon to try and book on again. Our no. is 05338758533 Don't forget that our information center is open everyday from 9am on wards, so come along and find out what we are doing here and why. Also we have a large range of turtle merchandise where proceeds go straight into the funding of the project. We are a charity based organisation, and the project would not be as successful as it is without your lovely donations, so firstly I would like to thank you for them, but also any donations are greatly appreciated in maintaining the current status of the project with your money going into funding of the equipment used throughout the season. So I hope to see you all at the excavation this evening. Following the usual drill of meeting just before 4pm to take you down to the nest. See you then Collsy xxx

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