Thursday, September 22, 2011

No Alagadi hatchlings.

Once again, we have had no nests hatch during the night. This means no public excavation or hatchling release tonight. This inactivity suggests that the remaining nests we have left are unfortunately on their way to failing, which is usually the case with a females last clutch.

Instead, the volunteers will be working hard to remove the cages from the beach. We are starting with Bay 3 of Alagadi 1 today and will have all the cages removed by the end of the season. Alagadi will most definitely look different without 202 white dome cages scattered across it.

Hope you've enjoyed this season as much as the project has. We will hopefully post some season summaries of Alagadi, North and West beaches so that you know what's happened.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

No turtle activities today.


Due to the little number of nests we have left, plus the fact that we had no nests hatch last night, there is no public excavation or hatchling release tonight.

The project is still open until early October, so please come visit us to find out more information about the turtles and this season.

I also apologise for not posting the second article I promised yesterday. It turned out to be a busy day of excavations, data and beach cleaning.

Hope everyone is well.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Final countdown!


We are down to our last 6 nests on Alagadi; one on Alagadi 1 and 5 on Alagadi 2. Today's public excavation is located on Alagadi 1, just to the left of the Beach bar. It's one of our final logger nests and perhaps the last of our public events,as unfortunately it seems the rest of our nests are on the way to failing.

Meet at the Goatshed at 5.30 to walk down, or wait on the boardwalk of the Beach bar and a volunteer will collect you. We will also be taking provisional bookings for the hatchling release tonight as we have only had 10 hatchlings emerge from this particular nest. Call us on 05338798533 to book a place.

The volunteers will also be doing another beach clean today and later on today, we will be posting about the litter and consequences of it on the beach environment, volunteers and turtles.


Monday, September 19, 2011

Good morning!

I'm happy to inform you that today we do have a public excavation! Today's one is located on Alagadi 2 and therefore we will be driving a convoy from the Goatshed at 5.30.

We currently have no hatchlings from our morning excavation to release tonight. However the nest due to be excavated later this afternoon has ony had 15 hathclings emerge from it and therefore should bless us with many hatchlings to dig up. If that is the case we shall be taking bookings for the night release after the excavation.

Today at the Goatshed, we've got a big clean day to keep the germs and bugs at bay!

Tune in tomorrow for more updates!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

A quiet day for the Turtle Project.

Hello all.

I'd like to inform you that today we will not be having a public excavation. Feel free to give us a call or visit Alagadi beach to see our nests and enjoy the sunshine.

'til tomorrow bloggers.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Another bites the dust.

Hi there!

Last night we had 1 more nest hatch. It was another or our Green clutches and is located on Alagadi 2. We shall be leading a convoy from the Goatshed at 5.30 or alternatively you can meet us in the car park/on the beach around 17.45/18.00.

As we currently have no hatchlings to release and last nights nest had over 50 babies emerge from it, it is unlikely we will be having a hatchling release tonight. However please feel free to to give us a call on 00905338798533 to find out more information.

Hope to see you at the excavation later.


Friday, September 16, 2011

No turtles, no work!


Due to nothing hatching last night there is no public excavation or hatching release tonight.

We only have 13 nests left to hatch so these events are drawing to an end. However we shall keep you updated on the activity we have here at Alagadi.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

The season is winding down but excavations are still happening!

Hello bloggers.

Just a quick post today. We've got a public excavation today, located on Bay 2 of Alagadi 1. We had 3 nests hatch last night and today we will be excavating a Loggerhead nest for you. We'll be leaving the Goatshed at 5.30 and starting the excavation around 6.00.

We currently only have 7 hatchlings to release; we are taking bookings as well as provisional bookings, with the hope that we will rescue more hatchlings from the public excavation.

Hope to see there!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Excavation for the Cyprus nation.

Hello bloggers!

Only one of our nests hatched last night so that's what we will be excavating today at 5.30! It's locate on Bay 3 of Alagadi 1, just to the right of Turtle Paradise, Alagadi's delightful beach bar.

Turtle season is quickly drawing to an end. Out of our 202 nests on Alagadi, we only have 17 left to hatch and excavate. If you're contemplating coming to an excavation come sooner rather than later before we run out of nests.

We are taking provisional bookings for tonight's hatchling release as we have none to release at present. Call 05338798533 to book your place but please be aware you'll have to call again at 7pm to confirm that we have collected hatchlings from the public excavation.

Within the last few weeks of this season, we shall posts about the activity and events that have passed. including number of nests, activity on the North and West coasts as well as insights into additional work that the volunteers of Turtle Project get up to.

'til tomorrow!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

To all the turtle huggers out there!

Good morning fellow turtle lovers.

Exciting news today down in Alagadi. We are not only having an excavation at 17.30 but it is a special tie dye excavation. Tie dye is not compulsory but rather than our usual red uniforms please look out for us wearing some lovely tops that throw the senses back to the 60s. As for the excavation itself it will be taking place on Alagadi 2; we will be running a convoy there at just after 17.30.

For any more information please call our hatchling hotline on 05338798533. To book on to our release at 20.30 you need to ring 12.00 midday onwards. We can book up quickly so don't hang about!

Look forward to seeing you all later!

Samuel x

Monday, September 12, 2011

Excavation this evening!! (12/09/2011)

Afternoon all!

Sorry for the delay in the update of the blog, internet connection issues meant a delay in the update this morning. I am happy to say though that we have got an excavation on this evening at the usual time of 5:30pm meet at the GS, where we will take you down from there. Also as a total of 3 nests hatched last night, and morning walkers excavated two this morning, we know that we will be having a release on. As yet we are still not full booked, so if you would like to book on for one of our releases, please call us on 05338798533, or alternatively book at the GS if you make it to our excavation. I will be advertising the remaining places if we still have some during the excavation, so please don't wait until it is too late.

We only have a remaining 26 nests still to hatch for this year, so please don't miss out on coming down and seeing the hatchlings being excavated from the nests and the opportunity to hold and release them during the night. Also our base is still open for any information you may need, so please feel free to come for a chat and a browse at the merchandise we sell.

Hope to see some of you lovely people tonight,
Collsy xxx

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Don't miss out! (11/09/2011)

Good morning turtle followers,

Another day means that we do have another excavation on this evening, at the usual time (yes you guessed it) of 5:30pm meet at the GS where we will all go down to the nest from there. For those of you that either know the beach, or who will already be down on the beach, we will be excavating a nest that is on the furthest bay from the beach bar (bay 3). If you are confident as to where this site is, you are more than welcome to meet us down on the beach.

Although we still have around 30 nests left for excavation, they are starting to slow down hatching, so don't miss out and come down to grab a chance of seeing these magnificent creatures before its to late.

We only had the one nest hatch last night, so as yet we do not have any hatchlings for the release. However, same plan as yesterday, if you book in for a space and then check with us around 6:30ish we will be able to tell you whether or not we are having a release. Alternatively you can meet us down at the GS for 8:30, but be prepared to be turned away if there are no hatchlings.

Hope to see you there,

Saturday, September 10, 2011

An excavation for the nation! (10/09/2011)

Good morning one and all,

It's another beautiful sparkling day here at Alagadi, and to make the day seem even brighter, I am glad to say that we do have a public excavation on this evening. In a slight change to the usual settings for our excavations, today the nest is situated on the beach just over the headland past the beach bar (for those of you that know, Iki). Therefore to make things easier, we will be doing a convoy round to the beach, and we would greatly appreciate it if those with vehicles could offer potential visitors that do not have, a lift to the sight.

As only the one nest hatched last night, we have currently no hatchlings. Therefore we will still be provisionally booking people on for a release, but they will need to maybe give us a call after the excavation this evening to check that we got any hatchlings, or if they turn up be prepared to be set away. In the event of some hatchlings being collected but maybe not enough for everyone to hold, each group will be issued with a hatchling, and children will get priority over holding them.

So summary, there is an excavation on at the usual time of 5:30pm, where we will convoy everyone round, and we will be booking on for a release but you will need to check with us before making your way to us this evening. The number to call is: 05338798533

See you all soon,

Friday, September 9, 2011

Back to normal! (09/09/2011)

Good morning trusty followers!

I am happy to say that we will be having and excavation on this evening. As to yet we are unsure whether there is going to be a hatchling release, as our morning workers are still working hard on the beaches. So give us a call at 12 noon where we will know whether or not we have any hatchlings for you this evening.

We have sadley noticed that a lot of the visitors visiting the project are starting to go home with the beginning of schools and back into the real world, so the Hatchling Hotline on: 05338798533 is generally quieter. This means for all you lovely people still with us who wish to book on for our releases can call the hotline with relative ease. We will be continuing our work up until the end of September, which is scarily come round the corner, so don't miss out on the opportunity to see some live hatchling excavations and releases for this year.

We hope to see meany of you tonight at our excavation, you know the time and place by now (Goatshed for 5:20pm)from which we will take you down to the nest from there. Please feel free to give us a call at 12 noon to see whether you can book on for the release.

See you'll soon
Collsy xxx

Thursday, September 8, 2011

No Excavation on this evening! (08/09/2011)

Good morning turtle followers,

I am afraid to say that we do not have any public activities happening this evening. Last night was a very quiet night for our night workers, but a nice easy morning for our day hatchers, with not a single nest hatching.

Today we lose another key member of our team, Hannah, so I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for all her hard work,you are absolutely fabulous darling!I am sure that I can say on behalf of everyone that you will be greatly missed. We hope that you have a safe journey home and don't forget us!!! Miss you already!..Hello would you like some Hellim?!

Anywho... we hope that we will be back to normal tomorrow night, but keep an eye on the blog for more details.

Until then trusty followers,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A rare treat: Loggerhead excavation

Hello bloggers.

I am happy once again to inform you that we do have a public excavation and hatchling release today. Daywork blessed us with many hatchlings, so those lucky people who get onto the release are in for a treat.

Today's public excavation is a loggerhead nest; a rare sight this season due to small numbers of nesting loggerhead females. The excavation will be located on Alagadi 1, Bay 2. A short walk from the Goatshed or for those who want to meet us on the beach, it is to the left of the Beach Bar.

Meet us at the Goatshed at 5.30 as per usual or look for volunteers in red t-shirts on the beach. Come with lots of questions and hopefully you'll get to see small little loggerhead hatchlings.

'til tomorrow!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rafts Against Rubbish Rules and Regulations English

Rafts Against Rubbish – Information and Rules
General Information
The organisers wish to emphasise that the event is a ‘charity fun race’ in aid of SPOT (The Society for the Protection of Turtles) for the enjoyment of competitors and spectators alike. All competitors are asked to enter this fun carnival event and design their raft and crew accordingly. Appropriate names for rafts should be used.
• Each raft entered needs to pay a registration fee of 40tl.
• All rafts to be off-loaded at the West end of Guzelyali beach (past the Beach bars & right turn off main road).
• Raft Captains to check in at ‘Control Desk’ at start point by 13.00 latest.
• Registration will commence at 10.00 and finish at 13.00 followed by inspection.
• With registration and safety check completed, all rafts will then be judged.
• The race will commence 14.30 from West of the beach area. The finish line will be the Jetty between the beach bars.
• The Raft Race committee may decide to run more than 1 race if entrant numbers are high. Start of the race may be brought forward depending on numbers and weather conditions. Raft numbers will be limited.
• Prize presentations will take place on Guzelyali Beach at approximately 18.00.
General Rules (The rules of the Raft Race for 2011 are set out below, please read carefully)
1. The crew will consist of four persons (all competent swimmers) with two persons remaining on board at all times.
2. All four persons must be in touch with the raft when crossing the finish line.
3. Crew members must not assist themselves or receive assistance from the shore or any other vessel, e.g. no motor assistance, no towing.
4. Minimum age of the Captain is 21 years at date of event. The Captain takes full responsibility for the crew.
5. At the time of registration, the Captain is required to sign a declaration absolving the organisers from all responsibility
in all matters relating to the Raft Race (below). The committee’s decision is final.
Safety Rules
1. Construction of raft and paddles must be safe, no protruding nails, screws or sharp edges, etc. The crafts will be inspected by the Judges. Any raft that, because of its construction, is considered a danger to other competitors must be amended prior to transfer to beach or withdrawn.
2. Competitors must follow the instructions of the safety officials on the beach, in the sea canoes and safety boats.
3. All officials concerned with your safety will wear a ‘Red Turtle Project T-Shirt’. Safety officials are permitted to withdraw from the race any crew member who they consider to be unfit to participate or to continue.
4. Safety crafts will be provided, however, it is the responsibility of each captain to ensure the safety of their crew, to satisfy themselves that all crew members are proficient swimmers. Captains will be required to sign the declaration (at the bottom of this sheet) to that effect, and hand in to the organisers before the start of the race.
5. No ‘physical’ interference between rafts is permitted and offending crews may be disqualified.
6. Teams will be responsible to remove all rafts and debris from the water and surrounding areas. Rubbish skips will be available for removal of all rafts at the end of the race.
Raft Construction Rules
1. Rafts should be strongly constructed and capable of withstanding sea conditions.
2. A raft must be capable of being carried by the crew of the raft in/out of the water.
3. No rowlocks or substitutes will be accepted. Any form of rowing will not be permitted.
5. No type of engine propulsion allowed, however, rafts can be paddled, pushed, sailed, swim-towed, or driven by human mechanical power. Paddles are allowed.
6. Rafts must not be modified from normal marine craft or other water-borne craft.

Rafts Against Rubbish Rules and Regs Turkce

Rafts Against Rubbish – Bilgiler ve Kurallar

Genel Bilgi
Bu organizasyon Kuzey Kıbrıs Kaplumbağaları Koruma Cemiyeti için bağış toplamak ve katılımcıların eğlenmesi için düzenlenmiştir. İlgilenenler bu eğlenceli yarışmaya ekip olarak tasarladıkları sal ile katılmaya davetlidirler. Tasarlanan sala uygun bir isim verilmelidir.
• Her katılan sal ve ekibi için katılım ücreti 40 TL’dir.
• Katılacak olan ekipler sallarını Güzelyalı kumsalındaki BEACH BARları geçtikten sonraki alana indirecek.
• Sal ve ekip kaptanları en geç saat 13:00’da plajdaki “kontrol masası”na kayıt yaptırmalıdır.
• Kayıt saat 10:00’da başlayıp 13:00’da bitecektir.
• Kayıt ve salların güvenlik açısından kontrolu yapıldıktan sonra sallar jüri önüne çıkacak.
• Yarışma saat 14:30’da plajın batı ucundan başlayacak. Bitiş çizgisi iki bar arasındaki rıhtım hizası olacak.
• Eğer katılımcı sayısı çok fazla ise yarışma komitesi birden fazla yarışma yaptırabilir. Hava durumuna ve katılımcı sayısına göre komite başlama vaktini değiştirebilir. Katılım sayısı sınırlandırılacaktır.
• Ödüller saat 18:00 sıralarında Güzelyalı Plajında verilecektir.
Genel Kurallar (2011 Sal Yarışı kuralları aşağıda belirtilmiştir, dikkatle okuyunuz)
1. Sal mürettebatı 4 kişiden (iyi yüzücü) oluşur. Mürettebattan en az ikisi sürekli olarak salın üzerinde olmalıdır.
2. Bitiş çizgisini geçerken 4 kişi de sal ile temas halinde olmalıdır.
3. Mürettebat herhangi bir başka araç, motor, çekici gibi kıyıdan veya dıştan bir yardım almamalıdır.
4. Mürettebat kaptanı yarışma gününde en az 21 yaşında olmalıdır. Kaptan mürettebatın tüm sorumluluğunu üstlenir.
5. Yarışma günündeki kayıt sırasında Kaptan tarafından imzalanacak olan anlaşma ile yarışmayı organize edenler üzerindeki sorumluluğu kaldırır.
6. Yarışma ile ilgili durumlarda komitenin vereceği karar son karardır.

Güvenlik Kuralları
1.Sal ve kürekler güvenli olmalıdır. Ucu açıkta kalmış çivi, vida, keskin kenarlı yerler bulunmamalıdır. Sallar komite tarafından kontrol edilecek. Yapısından dolayı diğer yarışmacılar için tehlikeli olabilecek sallar plaja indirilmeden düzeltilmeli veya yarıştan çekilmelidir.
2. Yarışmacılar plajdaki, kanolardaki ve botlardaki güvenlik görevlilerinin yönergelerini dinlemek zorundadır.
3. Güvenlik görevlileri “Kırmızı Kaplumbağa Proje Tişörtü” giyecek. Güvenlik görevlileri yarışmaya katılmaya uygun görmedikleri herhangi bir kişiyi yarıştan men etme yetkisine sahiptir.
4. Güvenlik için araçlar bulunacak olsa da, her kaptan kendi mürettebatının güvenliğinden sorumludur. Kaptanlar iyi yüzücü olduklarına ve mürettebattan sorumlu olduklarına dair anlaşma imzalaycak.
5. İki sal arasında herhangi bir fiziksel engelleme yapılması yasaktır. Engelleme yapan takımlar diskalifiye edilecektir.
6. Yarışma sonunda tüm takımlar bütün sal ve sal malzemelerini sudan ve etraftan toplamakla sorumludurlar. Atıkları almak üzere çöp bidonları bulunacaktır.
Sal Yapım Kuralları
1. Sallar denize ve dalgalara dayanabilecek güçte yapılmalıdır.
2. Sallar mürettebatı tarafından denize taşınabilecek şekilde yapılmalıdır.
3. Sal üzerine küreklerin monte edilmesi yasaktır.
4. Herhangi bir motor takılması yasaktır. Kürek veya yelken kullanılabilir, yittirilebilir, yüzerek çekilebilir, mekanik insan gücü ile herhangi bir şekilde yüzdürülebilir.
5. Sallar herhangi bir yüzen araçtan bozma yapılamaz.

3 hatched nests = 1 Public excavation + Hatchling release!

Hi bloggers.

This morning has been good to us dayworkers; we had three nests hatch last night, all very successful. We excavated a couple during the morning and stumbled upon a loggerhead nest that had just begun to hatch at 9.30! I'm glad to say we arrived just in time to save these hatchlings from the heat of the sun.

Today's public excavation is located on Bay3 at Alagadi and will take place at the normal time of 5.30. We have 50 hatchlings for our release tonight, so give us a call on 00905338798533 from midday to book onto that (25 spaces available).

Hope the day is good to you all; hope to see you at one of our events!


Monday, September 5, 2011

Hey bloggers.

I apologise for the lateness of today's update but our computers are acting a bit slow nowadays. We're in the last part of this year's turtle season, with only around 50 nests left to hatch on Alagadi Beach. Our west base, in Akdeniz, is in a similar situation with around 60 nests left to hatch.

I'm happy to say that today we do have a public excavation! 2 nests hatched last night and today's excavation location is on Bay 3 of Alagadi. Either meet us at the Goatshed at 5.30 or wait at Alagadi Beach Bar and look out for volunteers in red t-shirts.

We are taking bookings for a hatchling release but today's may possibly be cancelled due to lack of hatchlings to release. We will know for certain after our excavation today.

If you'd like more information about today's events of the project please drop by the Goatshed or give us a call on 00905338798533 - we'd be happy to answer your questions.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Public excavation and mini-release tonight

Dear turtle followers,

We have a public excavation on tonight at 5.30, meet at Goatshed, or if you prefer to meet us on the beach it will be on Alagadi 2, the far beach over the headland from the Beach Bar.

We only have a few hatchlings so far today so will take provisional bookings in case more come out of the public excavation.

Thanks and see you later

Friday, September 2, 2011

Excavations on this evening (02/09/2011)

Good morning turtle followers,

Today we are having two excavations both at the same time but one will be held in Turkish, while the other in English. This is to encourage the locals to come to this special event, and see a vital part of the islands heritage. Both will still the usual time of 5:30pm meet at thee Goatshed, where we will split everyone up into the correct excavation groups.

I am afraid that we do not have a public release on this evening, as we have had no excavations on this mornings work, so we have no hatchlings in order to release. But please don't worry we will still have plenty within the remaining few weeks of the project- we will still be here for another 4 weeks.

We hope to see a big turn out tonight!
See you there,
Collsy xxx

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Excavation for the nation! (01/09/2011)

Good afternoon turtle bloggers,

I am sorry that it has been a few days since our last update, a few slow internet mornings means that it has been hard to connect to you lovely people. I am happy to say that this afternoon that we are having a public excavation on at the usual time of 5:30pm meet at GS.

We are fully booked for our hatchling release tonight, but don't worry there is still plenty of opportunities to book on. Just a little reminder that we can not take any pre-bookings or bookings before 12pm. We also would like to remind people that we are only taking 15 booking spaces in person, and the other 10 spaces will be allocated to those that call the hatchling hotline.

We are well into the hatching season now, but still have plenty of excavations in the remaining month.

Its been a sad day for us at GS today with a farewell to both Nat and Kirsty, star volunteers who will be sourly missed by everyone on the project. Whose going to make my cups of tea now, and promise to do some sand samples hay?!? - sad times! I would like to thank them for their brilliant efforts this season, and they presence will be greatly missed. Safe journey home girls!

Hope to see you round GS!