Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another day in Turtle Paradise (12/08/2012)

Its just another day for you and me in turtle paradise!!! Good morning fellow turtle followers! I can happily announce that we do have an excavation on this evening at the usual time of a 4pm leave from the GS down to the beach... you know how it all happens by now! The nest that we will be excavating is half way along the second bay from GS before you get to the beach bar. The nest is a green nest, and there were a good number of tracks making their way down to the sea this morning, so looking like another successful nest here on Alagadi. From my calculations we can estimate that we have probably hatched around 1/4 of the nests so far this season, and now we are starting to get into the full swing of excavations, averaging 2 nests hatching at night. As I have said before, this season is a lot quieter than last season, but the success of every nest is looking very promising if not slightly better this season from observations. Can I remind you that we are always open for visitors throughout the day, with willing and knowledgeable volunteers eagerly waiting to answer any question that you may have. Also our laying season looks like we will be finishing at the end of the week. Our adult season will officially finish when we have 10 days of no female activity, lets hope that this year we will not get a Logger FCA (attempt at laying but not) on our 10th night like last year! Although it was nice to show some of our volunteers who missed the adult season a loggerhead, the inconvenience of having to start the 10 day no activity all over again was not very amusing, especially when she didn't even come back up to lay or attempt again! Anyway, I digress! Back to my original point which I never really stated! We have finished taking bookings for night work on the basis that we have no activities, however we are still taking bookings for the hatchling releases on the day when we know that they are on. We are unsure as yet whether we will be having an hatchling release on this evening, but by 12 noon we will. So if you wish to book on for this we will be opening up the hatchling hotline for 12. Please note that the phones will be engaged from this time on but keep trying and fingers crossed you will be able to get through to us! Although we do apologies that if you do manage to get through please be aware that the bookings may have already been fully booked, so please try again another time! Additionally in failing getting a place on our hatchling release, we will be having as I have said the public excavation, which at the end of the day, you will be able to clearly see the hatchlings in the day light, and you will be able to take photographs of the hatchlings which on the night time release you are unable to do. So I hope that we find everyone reading the blog well this fine Sunday! We hope to see you guys down at the excavation and hear from you soon on the phone line! Hope you have a good day! Collsy xxx

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