Saturday, August 18, 2012

Excavation on this evening (18/08/2012)

We will we will hatch them... hatch them turtles, we will we will hatch them!!! Gooooood morning followers! Last night was another quiet night on the hatchling front, but we were lucky enough to have one nest hatch, which will be excavating for you this evening. The nest today is located on our second beach, which is over the headland from the beach with the beach bar. So to save a 20min+ walk and possibly loosing some of you guys over the rocky headland on the way, we will be doing a convoy from the GS around 4pm. We will not be passing past the beach bar, so if you are already down on the beach, you will need to come to the GS and we will convoy you round. Not all the people that turn up for the excavations do have cars, so if there were any people that are unable to drive, we would ask if some of your lovely selves would be kind enough to give them a lift. Please remember if you wish to go on a hatchling release to give us a call at 12 noon to book in. Hope to see you lovely people at the excavation tonight! Collsy xxx

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