Friday, August 17, 2012

We like turtles!! (17/08/2012)

We don't like no...We love them, turtle holiday, we don't like no...We love them so lets go excavate!! Good morning turtle followers! The GS hopes that we find you all well on this splendid morning?! After a good turn out yesterday, I am hopeful that the numbers at our excavations will continue to grow, and to see whether my theory works, I am happy to blog that we do have an excavation on this evening. If you can remember yesterday, I said that we left a nest to hatch for another night? Well nothing else hatched last night so we will be excavating this one for you observation this evening. The nest is located about half way along our second bay from the GS, and is a green nest. As yet we have no hatchlings from our Alagadi day time crew, so we are waiting on the North crew to say whether we will be having a release on tonight or not. But please do call at 12 noon still to see whether our Northies were successful or not in their quest to find some hatchlings! Can I stress that the releases do get booked up very quickly and we do apologies if you are unsuccessful in booking a place. This 'activity' is very popular and does get very competitive on the phones, but we can not take more than 30 people down to the beach plus if we only get a certain number of hatchlings obviously we can only take that number of people down to. So please if you don't get on one day do try another. If you are interested in the excavation, please come down for the GS for around 4pm from which we will take you down to the beach from here. May I nag again please no flash photography can be used during the excavation as this can damage the eye sight of the hatchlings and also bring out the extent of the sand covering volunteers (not a pleasant look for you holiday snaps!)!! But never the less, please come down to the GS anytime for any information you may need, and don't forget to call at noon to see whether we have a hatchling release. Or number is: 05338798533 Hope to see you soon! Enjoy your day Collsy xxx

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