Monday, August 6, 2012

We are up and running with an excavation this evening!! (06/08/2012)

Gooooood morning turtle followers!! We apologies for the delay in getting our blog up and running for this season, but we are now online and poised waiting for our trusty turtle readers. After a slow start to the season due to cooler than average temperatures, the season has turned out and continues to be another promising year for our records! Last year we had another record breaking year of 210 nests down on our two patrolled beaches at Alagadi, and although we currently have around 100 nests, females are still coming up to lay the possible final clutches. Our North beaches and our West beaches seem to be having a brilliant if not better year than last year, with around 75 nests on North and 224 on West. So all in all we look like we are having another turtly awesome season!! Right on to the more important things... the hatchlings!! I am happy to announce that we will be having an excavation on this evening! YESSS!! SO as like last year, you all know the drill but we do have a time amendment. The excavation starts at the Goatshed from 4:00pm shortly after which we will take you down onto the beach. The nest is about half way along the bay on the right hand side from the beach bar (if you are facing the sea), so for those who have mobility difficulties, there is a chance that you can meet us down on the beach after 4. The nest that we will be excavating this evening is a Green turtle nest which started to hatch last night, so there is a high chance that there are still some hatchlings still within the nest. We appreciate that people will want to take pictures of the hatchlings but can we stress the issues of flash photograph?! The intensity of the flashes as you can appreciate can have negative impacts on the sight of the hatchlings, so i would like to take this opportunity to ask, that yes you can take plenty of pictures, but please remember to either turn the flash off, or just place you finger over the flash area. Right nagging session over, our information visitors area at the Goatshed is open and awaiting your visits, with plenty of merchandise on sale for your holiday memorabilia, and plenty of willing volunteers to pass on their knowledge of these fascinating creatures! So don't hesitate to pop in or alternatively you can call us on our Goatshed mobile: (009)05338798533 So please head on down this evening and witness one of the first public excavations, but have no fear if you cannot attend this one, there are plenty more to come... just keep watching this space! Big love to all Collsy xxx

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