Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Did It Turtle's Way

Why was the turtle nest a success? Because it was eggs-ellent! As has been my past 2 months here on the Turtle Project! Yes, my time has come to leave. It's been an amazing couple of months in which I've seen so many amazing things. The people too have been great - both those I've worked with and all of you who come and support our work. It's always great to see your enthusiasm and all your support and active help combined with the actual experience of these brilliant animals in a fantastic place makes this the most rewarding Summer I've had. But although my time has come, yours is not yet over! Again we still have some nests due to hatch, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for your chance to share some of your time with hatchlings too! Excavations and releases will still be taking place over the next couple of weeks with the last nests of the season. The blog will still be updated with news of these events, and the phone lines are also still open on (009)05338798533. But alas, I must depart. And on the plane home I shall be read 'Harry Potter and the Turtle of Azkaban'. Farewell Turtle Bloggers! It's been great! Roger x (Oh, and for the film I'll be watching mid-flight...) PS. I Love Turtles

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Why was the turtle jealous? Because it was a Green! Tonight sees the last night of night work of the season! Right back since May we have been patrolling the beaches, even in the wee small hours of the morning, but alas the time has come to return to the daylight. However, the project will still be running until the first week of October, so there is still time to catch sight of some turtles! We are afraid that we have no hatchlings to release tonight, but again still keep your eyes and ears open as we still have more nests due to hatch so the chance for you to catch some babies is still very much alive! In the meantime however, have a fantastic evening! During which, I shall be reading 'The Da Vinci Turtle', and watching 'The Turtleator'... Roger

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Man I Feel Like A Turtle!

We're afraid that as yet there is no release today. However, we do still have an excavation on, leaving the Goatshed at 4 o clock. If we retrieve enough hatchlings from the excavated nest, we will then run a release tonight at 8 o clock. So from about half past 5 you can try to give us a call on 05338798533 to see if we're lucky! Roger

Hakuna MaTurtle

Morning Turtle Bloggers! Apologies for no update yesterday, we had lost all power here at the Goatshed. But we are back in business! Therefore you'll get 2 jokes today! And after the first, I bring good news... But first: Why was the turtle antisocial? Because he couldn't come out of his shell! The good news is that 2 nests hatched on Alagadi last night! This includes a Green nest which I I witnessed being layed on August 1st under the full moon! This means that after a few days without, we DO have an excavation on today! Come to the Goatshed for 4 o clock and we'll walk down onto the beach, no need to book. However, as for a release it is still too early in the day to tell whether or not we will be running one. The blog will be updated if we have one on, but it's also worth giving us a call when we start taking bookings at 12, even if the blog hasn't yet been updated. So once again, that number is 05338798533. So that second joke you've been dying for? Well here you are! How do turtles like their cheese? Mi-GRATED! And finally, today I will be reading the book 'Harry Potter and the Turtle of Fire', and watching the film 'How to Train Your Turtle'... Have a good day! Roger

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Turtle Eclipse of the Heart

Why were the 2 turtles arguing?... Because they were at Loggerheads with each other! That's right folks! For the next week, a brand new joke formed by one of our esteemed volunteers will appear on here! Stay tuned for some real scorchers! You may even be able to add a few of them to your homemade Christmas Crackers in December... And now for the latest update on the goings on here: We're afraid that, due to no nest activity last night, there are no public excavations or releases today. Things are slowing down now as we are beginning to come to the end of this year's season as most of the nests have now hatched. However, we do still have some nests that are due so keep an eye out as they could go any day now! If you would like to come to an excavation or release, it's worth ringing the Goatshed on 05338798533 each day to see if we will be holding any of these events to come along to. Remember also that we can only take a limited number to our releases, and bookings will be taken from 12 if we have one on. Excavations will be open to all. As it's the first day, I shall leave you with one more bonus joke: What is a Loggerhead's favourite pudding? JELLY-fish! Until the next time! Roger

Thursday, September 13, 2012

No excavation but there is a release (13/09/2012)

Good morning turtle followers, So it has been a very quiet week, with no nests hatching since Tuesday! We are coming to the end of the season now, so we would expect the number of hatching nests to drop as the final weeks of the project tick by. However, we have just returned back from the north coast with some loggerhead hatchlings, so we will be having a release on this evening at the usual time of 8pm. We will book 20 people of for this evenings release, and the booking lines will open at 12pm. Our number is (009)05338978533, as if you didn't know it already! For now though, we hope that you have a very pleasant day. Collsy xxx

Monday, September 10, 2012

Excavation this evening (10/09/2012)

Good morning trusty bloggers! I apologies for the delay in the update of the blog this morning, but our morning was taken up with the change over of people from our west base, and it all got a bit emotional as for some of us, its our last week here in Cyprus :( so sad farewells were made, time fly's when you working with turtles all day! Anywho, we do have an excavation this evening at 4pm as usual. It is on our third bay from the base, to the right of the beach bar. We did not gain any hatchlings from the north or Alagadi day work this morning, so if we get any more hatchlings out of the nest this evening, we will be taking bookings after the excavation, but people who turn up for the excavation will receive priority over booking on to the release. So in order to secure yourself a place on the release if there is one, please turn up for the excavation for quarter to 4, and we will walk you down from there. We hope that you have a very pleasant day, and hope to see some of you at the excavation this evening. Collsy xxx

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Excavation this evening (09/09/2012)

Good morning turtle bloggers, We hope that we find you will on this somewhat cooler morning here in Alagadi. I am happy to tell you that we do have both an excavation and a hatchling release on this evening. If you would like to book on for our hatchling release, we have 30 spaces up for grabs, which we will start taking bookings for at 12pm. Our excavation is at the usual time of 4pm, and is located on bay 3, to the right of the beach bar if you are facing the sea. We hope that you can make it, See you then Collsy xxx

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lets celebrate and excavate! (08/09/2012)

Gooood morning turtle followers! I am happy to announce that we will be having another excavation on this evening, but we are still uncertain about the release. The nest that we will be excavating is located on our second beach (not the one with the beach bar on) and is located to the right of the beach bar over the headland. We will be convoying round to the nest from the base from four o'clock as usual. The season looks like it may be starting to quieten down now, and we don't want you to miss out on any excavations or anything so please do keep calling us on the goatshed phone (00905338758533) and inquire about the excavations or releases. As of yet we are uncertain of a hatchling release here at Alagadi, but if there is a release on at our West base in Akdeniz we will be offering spaces for this at 7:45pm. The releases in west take place at the Caretta bar, with signs running through Akdeniz village showing you the way. To get from Akdeniz from Alagadi, you need to go through Girne, Lapta, Karsiyaka, and up over the mountains then once here, there is a petrol station with a turning off to the right. Take this turning and follow the signs for Guzelyurt. Before you get to Guzelyurt, there's a turning again on your right by another petrol station to Akdeniz. From here you go through to the village and then follow the signs for the Caretta bar where our west crew will be waiting for you. As I say we are uncertain as to whether we have any excavations as our day workers on north and west are still hatchling hunting, so if you give us a call at 12pm then we will let you know. So we hope that you have a good day here from the Turtle Project, and hope to here from you soon. Collsy xxx

Friday, September 7, 2012

Excavation this evening (07/09/2012)

Good morning turtle bloggers, We apologies once again for the delays in the updating of the blog, but further internet issues have been re-framing us from keeping you updated. For this we apologies, but hopefully we will have no more internet related interruptions for the rest of our season! Here's hoping anyway! I am happy to say that even tho our season seems to be becoming quieter, we do have an excavation on this evening at the usual time of 4pm. Our nest this evening is located on the third bay from the Goatshed. We are uncertain about whether we have a release yet but please give us a call at 12pm to find out. For now I hope that you have a fabulous day, and hope to see some of you at our excavation this evening! Collsy xxx

Monday, September 3, 2012

Excavation and release this evening (03/09/2012)

I've gotta feeling wahooo, that tonight's going to be a good night, that tonight's gunna be a good night, that tonight's gunna be a good good night!! Good morning trusty turtle followers, I am glad to announce that we will be having both and excavation and a hatchling release on this evening. The nest this evening is located on our second bay from the Goatshed and it is a Logger nest. If you would like to meet down at our base in the village for quarter to 4, where we will leave by 4pm. In order to book on for our hatchling release for 8pm, please call us on 12pm on our goatshed line (009)05338798533. For now I wish you all a fabulous day. Hope to see you later. Collsy xxx

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Turtle power time! Excavation this evening (02/09/2012)

Good morning turtle followers! I am glad to announce that after a very unusually quiet week here at Alagadi that we will be having and excavation and a release on this evening. As of yet we have only have 15 hatchlings from our morning workers, and we are still waiting for the Northies to return, so our current proceeding mean that we will be booking 15 people on for the release at 12pm and will book the other 15 hopefully after the excavation which will hopefully produce more hatchlings. As I have said the Northies have not returned yet, so we may still be booking on the whole 30 at 12pm if they return with some hatchlings. So to be on the safe side, call us to try and book at 12. If we are unsuccessful from North, or you are unsuccessful from booking on the fist 15 places, then please come down to the excavation and we can hopefully book you on after this activity. We have had some unusually high tides the last few nights, and a couple of the nests that were due to hatch were servery washed over, thus making hatching quiet for this week as the nests have sadly been inundated or washed completely away. Hopefully as we start to ring cage the final 12 with still 30 to hatch, next week will be a better week for excavations and releases. If we (here at Alagadi) are not able to hold a release, we are starting to offer people places to go to our West coast base over in Akdeniz near Guzelyurt. It is roughly an hours drive over to this beach but West have plenty of hatchlings for you to release most evenings. Today however, because it is change over for our teams, there is not one on this evening, but do give us at Alagadi a call and we will know whether or not there will be any releases. For now though I wish that you have a very pleasant day in the sunshine, and we hope to see lots of you this evening for the excavation and the hatchling release. So have a nice day, ba ba ba ba ba, So have a nice day! Collsy xxx