Sunday, September 2, 2012

Turtle power time! Excavation this evening (02/09/2012)

Good morning turtle followers! I am glad to announce that after a very unusually quiet week here at Alagadi that we will be having and excavation and a release on this evening. As of yet we have only have 15 hatchlings from our morning workers, and we are still waiting for the Northies to return, so our current proceeding mean that we will be booking 15 people on for the release at 12pm and will book the other 15 hopefully after the excavation which will hopefully produce more hatchlings. As I have said the Northies have not returned yet, so we may still be booking on the whole 30 at 12pm if they return with some hatchlings. So to be on the safe side, call us to try and book at 12. If we are unsuccessful from North, or you are unsuccessful from booking on the fist 15 places, then please come down to the excavation and we can hopefully book you on after this activity. We have had some unusually high tides the last few nights, and a couple of the nests that were due to hatch were servery washed over, thus making hatching quiet for this week as the nests have sadly been inundated or washed completely away. Hopefully as we start to ring cage the final 12 with still 30 to hatch, next week will be a better week for excavations and releases. If we (here at Alagadi) are not able to hold a release, we are starting to offer people places to go to our West coast base over in Akdeniz near Guzelyurt. It is roughly an hours drive over to this beach but West have plenty of hatchlings for you to release most evenings. Today however, because it is change over for our teams, there is not one on this evening, but do give us at Alagadi a call and we will know whether or not there will be any releases. For now though I wish that you have a very pleasant day in the sunshine, and we hope to see lots of you this evening for the excavation and the hatchling release. So have a nice day, ba ba ba ba ba, So have a nice day! Collsy xxx

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