Tuesday, September 13, 2011

To all the turtle huggers out there!

Good morning fellow turtle lovers.

Exciting news today down in Alagadi. We are not only having an excavation at 17.30 but it is a special tie dye excavation. Tie dye is not compulsory but rather than our usual red uniforms please look out for us wearing some lovely tops that throw the senses back to the 60s. As for the excavation itself it will be taking place on Alagadi 2; we will be running a convoy there at just after 17.30.

For any more information please call our hatchling hotline on 05338798533. To book on to our release at 20.30 you need to ring 12.00 midday onwards. We can book up quickly so don't hang about!

Look forward to seeing you all later!

Samuel x

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