Saturday, September 10, 2011

An excavation for the nation! (10/09/2011)

Good morning one and all,

It's another beautiful sparkling day here at Alagadi, and to make the day seem even brighter, I am glad to say that we do have a public excavation on this evening. In a slight change to the usual settings for our excavations, today the nest is situated on the beach just over the headland past the beach bar (for those of you that know, Iki). Therefore to make things easier, we will be doing a convoy round to the beach, and we would greatly appreciate it if those with vehicles could offer potential visitors that do not have, a lift to the sight.

As only the one nest hatched last night, we have currently no hatchlings. Therefore we will still be provisionally booking people on for a release, but they will need to maybe give us a call after the excavation this evening to check that we got any hatchlings, or if they turn up be prepared to be set away. In the event of some hatchlings being collected but maybe not enough for everyone to hold, each group will be issued with a hatchling, and children will get priority over holding them.

So summary, there is an excavation on at the usual time of 5:30pm, where we will convoy everyone round, and we will be booking on for a release but you will need to check with us before making your way to us this evening. The number to call is: 05338798533

See you all soon,

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