Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rafts Against Rubbish Rules and Regulations English

Rafts Against Rubbish – Information and Rules
General Information
The organisers wish to emphasise that the event is a ‘charity fun race’ in aid of SPOT (The Society for the Protection of Turtles) for the enjoyment of competitors and spectators alike. All competitors are asked to enter this fun carnival event and design their raft and crew accordingly. Appropriate names for rafts should be used.
• Each raft entered needs to pay a registration fee of 40tl.
• All rafts to be off-loaded at the West end of Guzelyali beach (past the Beach bars & right turn off main road).
• Raft Captains to check in at ‘Control Desk’ at start point by 13.00 latest.
• Registration will commence at 10.00 and finish at 13.00 followed by inspection.
• With registration and safety check completed, all rafts will then be judged.
• The race will commence 14.30 from West of the beach area. The finish line will be the Jetty between the beach bars.
• The Raft Race committee may decide to run more than 1 race if entrant numbers are high. Start of the race may be brought forward depending on numbers and weather conditions. Raft numbers will be limited.
• Prize presentations will take place on Guzelyali Beach at approximately 18.00.
General Rules (The rules of the Raft Race for 2011 are set out below, please read carefully)
1. The crew will consist of four persons (all competent swimmers) with two persons remaining on board at all times.
2. All four persons must be in touch with the raft when crossing the finish line.
3. Crew members must not assist themselves or receive assistance from the shore or any other vessel, e.g. no motor assistance, no towing.
4. Minimum age of the Captain is 21 years at date of event. The Captain takes full responsibility for the crew.
5. At the time of registration, the Captain is required to sign a declaration absolving the organisers from all responsibility
in all matters relating to the Raft Race (below). The committee’s decision is final.
Safety Rules
1. Construction of raft and paddles must be safe, no protruding nails, screws or sharp edges, etc. The crafts will be inspected by the Judges. Any raft that, because of its construction, is considered a danger to other competitors must be amended prior to transfer to beach or withdrawn.
2. Competitors must follow the instructions of the safety officials on the beach, in the sea canoes and safety boats.
3. All officials concerned with your safety will wear a ‘Red Turtle Project T-Shirt’. Safety officials are permitted to withdraw from the race any crew member who they consider to be unfit to participate or to continue.
4. Safety crafts will be provided, however, it is the responsibility of each captain to ensure the safety of their crew, to satisfy themselves that all crew members are proficient swimmers. Captains will be required to sign the declaration (at the bottom of this sheet) to that effect, and hand in to the organisers before the start of the race.
5. No ‘physical’ interference between rafts is permitted and offending crews may be disqualified.
6. Teams will be responsible to remove all rafts and debris from the water and surrounding areas. Rubbish skips will be available for removal of all rafts at the end of the race.
Raft Construction Rules
1. Rafts should be strongly constructed and capable of withstanding sea conditions.
2. A raft must be capable of being carried by the crew of the raft in/out of the water.
3. No rowlocks or substitutes will be accepted. Any form of rowing will not be permitted.
5. No type of engine propulsion allowed, however, rafts can be paddled, pushed, sailed, swim-towed, or driven by human mechanical power. Paddles are allowed.
6. Rafts must not be modified from normal marine craft or other water-borne craft.

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