Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Excavation for the Cyprus nation.

Hello bloggers!

Only one of our nests hatched last night so that's what we will be excavating today at 5.30! It's locate on Bay 3 of Alagadi 1, just to the right of Turtle Paradise, Alagadi's delightful beach bar.

Turtle season is quickly drawing to an end. Out of our 202 nests on Alagadi, we only have 17 left to hatch and excavate. If you're contemplating coming to an excavation come sooner rather than later before we run out of nests.

We are taking provisional bookings for tonight's hatchling release as we have none to release at present. Call 05338798533 to book your place but please be aware you'll have to call again at 7pm to confirm that we have collected hatchlings from the public excavation.

Within the last few weeks of this season, we shall posts about the activity and events that have passed. including number of nests, activity on the North and West coasts as well as insights into additional work that the volunteers of Turtle Project get up to.

'til tomorrow!


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