Thursday, September 1, 2011

Excavation for the nation! (01/09/2011)

Good afternoon turtle bloggers,

I am sorry that it has been a few days since our last update, a few slow internet mornings means that it has been hard to connect to you lovely people. I am happy to say that this afternoon that we are having a public excavation on at the usual time of 5:30pm meet at GS.

We are fully booked for our hatchling release tonight, but don't worry there is still plenty of opportunities to book on. Just a little reminder that we can not take any pre-bookings or bookings before 12pm. We also would like to remind people that we are only taking 15 booking spaces in person, and the other 10 spaces will be allocated to those that call the hatchling hotline.

We are well into the hatching season now, but still have plenty of excavations in the remaining month.

Its been a sad day for us at GS today with a farewell to both Nat and Kirsty, star volunteers who will be sourly missed by everyone on the project. Whose going to make my cups of tea now, and promise to do some sand samples hay?!? - sad times! I would like to thank them for their brilliant efforts this season, and they presence will be greatly missed. Safe journey home girls!

Hope to see you round GS!

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