Monday, September 12, 2011

Excavation this evening!! (12/09/2011)

Afternoon all!

Sorry for the delay in the update of the blog, internet connection issues meant a delay in the update this morning. I am happy to say though that we have got an excavation on this evening at the usual time of 5:30pm meet at the GS, where we will take you down from there. Also as a total of 3 nests hatched last night, and morning walkers excavated two this morning, we know that we will be having a release on. As yet we are still not full booked, so if you would like to book on for one of our releases, please call us on 05338798533, or alternatively book at the GS if you make it to our excavation. I will be advertising the remaining places if we still have some during the excavation, so please don't wait until it is too late.

We only have a remaining 26 nests still to hatch for this year, so please don't miss out on coming down and seeing the hatchlings being excavated from the nests and the opportunity to hold and release them during the night. Also our base is still open for any information you may need, so please feel free to come for a chat and a browse at the merchandise we sell.

Hope to see some of you lovely people tonight,
Collsy xxx

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