Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A rare treat: Loggerhead excavation

Hello bloggers.

I am happy once again to inform you that we do have a public excavation and hatchling release today. Daywork blessed us with many hatchlings, so those lucky people who get onto the release are in for a treat.

Today's public excavation is a loggerhead nest; a rare sight this season due to small numbers of nesting loggerhead females. The excavation will be located on Alagadi 1, Bay 2. A short walk from the Goatshed or for those who want to meet us on the beach, it is to the left of the Beach Bar.

Meet us at the Goatshed at 5.30 as per usual or look for volunteers in red t-shirts on the beach. Come with lots of questions and hopefully you'll get to see small little loggerhead hatchlings.

'til tomorrow!


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