Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Final countdown!


We are down to our last 6 nests on Alagadi; one on Alagadi 1 and 5 on Alagadi 2. Today's public excavation is located on Alagadi 1, just to the left of the Beach bar. It's one of our final logger nests and perhaps the last of our public events,as unfortunately it seems the rest of our nests are on the way to failing.

Meet at the Goatshed at 5.30 to walk down, or wait on the boardwalk of the Beach bar and a volunteer will collect you. We will also be taking provisional bookings for the hatchling release tonight as we have only had 10 hatchlings emerge from this particular nest. Call us on 05338798533 to book a place.

The volunteers will also be doing another beach clean today and later on today, we will be posting about the litter and consequences of it on the beach environment, volunteers and turtles.


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