Monday, September 5, 2011

Hey bloggers.

I apologise for the lateness of today's update but our computers are acting a bit slow nowadays. We're in the last part of this year's turtle season, with only around 50 nests left to hatch on Alagadi Beach. Our west base, in Akdeniz, is in a similar situation with around 60 nests left to hatch.

I'm happy to say that today we do have a public excavation! 2 nests hatched last night and today's excavation location is on Bay 3 of Alagadi. Either meet us at the Goatshed at 5.30 or wait at Alagadi Beach Bar and look out for volunteers in red t-shirts.

We are taking bookings for a hatchling release but today's may possibly be cancelled due to lack of hatchlings to release. We will know for certain after our excavation today.

If you'd like more information about today's events of the project please drop by the Goatshed or give us a call on 00905338798533 - we'd be happy to answer your questions.


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