Thursday, August 26, 2010

Turtle excavation this evening!!!

Good morning turtle followers,

I am happy to announce that we do have an excavation on this evening. It is on Bay 3 (right of the beach bar). It is a Green nest that has been hatching for 48 hours now, so it is ready to be excavated. We do have a release on this evening, and those who have managed to book a place should meet at our base for 9pm. We are sorry to say that the release has now been fully booked, and most days are booked with in the first 5 minutes of the lines officially opening at 10am. Therefore I say to anyone that wishes to book for one of our releases to have us in speed dial for 10.

For those who are going to meet us for the excavation should meet at our base in Alagadi village for 6pm, where we will take you down to the nest and excavate it. Don't panic if there are no hatchlings found in the nest, we will always bring some that have been excavated this morning for you all to see and take pictures.

Two things that we ask are: 1) no flash photography is to be used during the excavation, it is light enough without the flash, as this can damage the hatchlings eyes and thus their sight. 2) We are a charity organisation and in order to remain running, we ask for any contribution in the form of donations or souvenirs would be greatly appreciated.

We hope to see many people at the excavation tonight,
See you then

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