Friday, August 20, 2010

***Excavation tonight***

Good morning turtle bloggers,

I'm happy to announce that we do have an excavation on this evening. We have however already been fully booked for our release this morning but do keep calling in the mornings at 10am to try and book places on other nights!

The nest is located on our second bay, and is thus easily accessible for those with mobility issues - instead of walking down the steps there is at the end of the car park a gradual slope for those who would find it easier to access the beach.

As always we say that no flash photography is used during the excavation as not only does it damage the hatchlings eyes but it also shows how dirty the volunteers are :D. This experience is free of charge, but this project is a charity organisation and thus depends on any donations to maintain the project.

We hope to see many people at the excavation tonight which as usual at 6pm at our base.
Collsy xxx

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