Monday, August 16, 2010

Excavation Tonight!!!

Hello Turtle Lovers!!

Just a little update, there will be a nest excavation tonight at 6pm. The nest being excavated is at bay 3 of Alagadi, it is a green turtle nest so we are expecting a nice amount of eggs and hopefully some hatchlings for everyone to see!

There will be some hatchlings brought down to the excavations so everyone will get a chance to see them and take some pictures. We do stress that that all flashes are turned off as they can damage the hatchlings eyesight.

We will meet at the goatshed at 6pm but if anyone has any mobility issues then you can wait at the beach bar until you see a large group of people being led by the red shirted volunteers!

Donations are gratefully received and as this is a charity organisation we run on them, there are also many souvenirs available at the info room!

Hope to see all you turtle enthusiasts tonight!


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