Tuesday, August 17, 2010

***Excavation tonight***

Good morning Turtle followers!

I am glad to write that we do have an excavation on this evening at the usual time of 6:00pm. Our nest is on our second bay so there is less of a walk for those with mobility issues. Although if you do struggle the beach bar is the other option of getting down to the beach, but you will need to walk back on yourself towards Alagadi until you meet the excavation team.

The nest that we will be excavating this evening is a Loggerhead nest, and has been hatching for a couple of days, and it has now been 48hours after the last hatchling emerged so it is ready to be excavated.

Although we can not guarantee that any hatchlings will still be remaining in the nest, we will always have some to show everyone, which our morning hatches have just collected from their morning walks. So have no fear you will all see some hatchlings.

The one thing that we do ask of you all that not flash photography is used during the excavation as it can damage the eye sight of the hatchlings due to its intensity. We also ask that any donations during the excavation or even of the perches of souvenirs would be greatly appreciated, as we are a charity organisation, and without your help we can not continue our work here, so please if you are feeling generous please dig deep into your pockets and give any thing you can and help us stay out here and continue to help conserve the turtles!

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