Friday, August 13, 2010

***Excavation this evening at 6pm***

Good morning everyone!

I hope that we find you well this morning!! I'm glad to say that we do have an excavation on this morning, but our release is already fully booked.

As with yesterday the excavation is going to be on Iki our second beach, and will be convoying it over to the nest.

The nest is a green nest and has been hatching only for a couple of days. We have not had many out of this nest so far, so we hope that we will find some still struggling up through the sand.

I am sorry to keep mentioning it but we still need to drill in the message that no flash photography is to be used during the excavation, as it can impair the hatchling's sight.

We hope that many people will turn up this evening!!
Hope to see you there

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