Friday, August 6, 2010


Good morning to all,

We have another excavation on this evening. However today is a little different. The nest that we will be excavating is located on the second beach over the headland from Alagadi. As normal we will be asking people to meet at our Goatshed for 6:00pm. From then we will jump in the cars and convoy you all round to the next car park and bay.

The nest is a Green nest that has been hatching for just over 24 hours, so hopefully we will still find some live hatchlings in the chamber still!! - Although we can not promise you that you will see the hatchlings emerging from the nest, we will have some hatchlings that have been collected from the beach this morning for you all to see and have a photo opportunity. We do stress though that no flash photography is used, as it can seriously impair the sight of the hatchlings.

We welcome all to come and visit us tonight, and I look forward to seeing many faces at our excavation!

Collsy xxx

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