Thursday, August 12, 2010

***Excavation for the Nation!***

Good morning turtle bloggers!

I am glad to inform you that we do have an excavation on this evening!!
The nest that we will be excavating will be on our second beach over on Iki. This means that we require people to meet us at the goatshed, and we will form a convoy over to the next beach. There will be a volunteer at the turn off of the road so that any stragglers in the convoy know the way to go.

This nest is going to be a logger nest, and has been hatchling for a couple of days, so we hope that there will still be some stragglers left in the nest.

I am afraid that our release to night is already fully booked so for those who are attending the excavation, arrive at the goatshed at 6:00pm.

The one thing that we ask is that no flash photography is used and these experiences are free of charge, so we ask for any donations would be greatly appreciated!

We hope to see you all tonight!
Have a good day.

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