Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No excavation this evening

Good morning turtle follower,

I must apologise for the blog not being updated yesterday morning, our internet stick had run out of credit! So on with today, I am sorry to announce that there is no excavation on this evening, and we are still waiting for our north base to get in contact with us to see whether we have any hatchlings to release, our Aligadi team came off the beach with no hatchlings this morning and thus we depend now on the north coast team. So we ask that if you are interested in coming to a release and you would like to potentially book in today, that you give us a call on the Goatshed for 12pm and we should then be able to tell whether or not we will be having a release. We will however not be taking any bookings before 12pm. We hope you have a good day!


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