Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Excavation tonight!!

Good morning turtle followers!!

I am happy to say that we have an excavation on this evening and we invite anyone who wishes to attend to come down and see it.

The nest is on Bay 3, so for those with mobility issues may want to drive straight down to the beach bar and keep an eye out for red t-shirts who will be able to lead you to the nest.

So we would like everyone to meet at a slightly different time 6:45 - 7:00 where upon volunteers will lead you down to the nest and commence the excavation. We will not be releasing any of the hatchlings found in this nest, but we will be releasing the few that braved coming up on this mornings walk.

So we welcome anyone who wishes to come and watch our excavation and release. We do however, ask that no flash photography is used during the excavation as it can damage the sight of the hatchlings. At the end of the night we do also ask for any donations that you are willing to give, as we are a none funded charity organisation that relies on the volunteers fee to come on the project, and donations to buy equipment, and to keep the project alive and running. So any donations would be greatly appreciated!!!

Hope to see many faces this evening!

Collsy xxx

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