Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another excavation!!

Good morning followers,

We have another excavation on this evening down on our second bay. As usual the drill is to meet at the goastshed for 5:30pm where we can take you down to the nest from there.

Tonight the nest that we will be excavating is a loggerhead so we won’t be losing any volunteers head first into the egg chambers trying to reach the bottom of the eggs.

Excavations are coming thick and fast at the moment so if you cannot make it this evening do not fret, we will have plenty more this week. Last night’s turnout was brilliant, and we hope that tonight will be just as big, as without your help and support the project would not be running in top form as it is today. With your generous donations, we are able to afford all the necessary equipment to keep the project going. SO any donations that you would wish to give are greatly appreciated.

As always no flash photography can be used during the excavation, but you are more than welcome to take as many pictures as you wish. So that’s 5:30pm down the GS and down to the excavation site from there.

See you then Collsyxxx

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