Sunday, July 31, 2011

Excavation for the Nation!!!!

Hellllloooooooo trusty turtle bloggers,

Sorry this post is a little late reaching the net, but it’s been another busy morning none the less down at the Goatshed. As we prepare to say a very sorry farewell to Niall, an old returnee volunteer of at least 4-5 years who originally bargained for a two week stay after Robbo's wedding, turning into a 2 month stay, is sadly packing for his return home this evening. He has been backbone to the project and a brilliant mentor to the new volunteers arriving, and we all feel extremely sad to see this wonderful person leave.

However through the sadness comes a glimmer of hope, as we have and excavation on this evening. Last night 3 nests hatched, and the excavation will be held on our second bay of Alagadi. The nest is a green nest, being the female's first clutch of the season, although many hatchlings have already started their great adventure to the sea, we hope to find a few stragglers left behind.

An invitation goes out to everyone to come down to view the excavation, we meet at the Goatshed (HQ) for 5:30pm where we will take you down to the nest from there. May I remind you that no flash photography can be used during the excavation as not only does it potentially damage the eye sight of the hatchlings but will also show up the grubbiness of the volunteers!

If you are unable to make it down to our excavation this evening, do not fear we have plenty of nests still to hatch. If you would like to give us a call on the morning that you are hoping to see an excavation to see whether we have one on, please feel free to on: 05338798533.

We hope to see a good turnout tonight.
Collsy xxx

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  1. Thank you so much for letting me join you on Alagadi beach on the night of 10th June. After seeing hatchings on many previous visits to TRNC during Sept time, it was an unforgettable experience and privilege to sit and watch nesting turtles. Are there any hatchings yet from that night? Many thanks to Kim and everyone at the Goat Shed. Looking forward to visiting again soon. Best wishes, Ros.