Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Excavation this evening (09/08/2011)

Good morning turtle followers,

It’s another busy morning down the Goatshed, hence the early blog update, which makes me happy to say that we do have a public excavation on this evening. Same drill as every other night, we meet at the Goatshed for 5:30, where we will give you a small talk before heading off down to the beach to the nest.

The nest this evening is going o be a green nest so there is a possibility of losing a volunteer down the egg chamber so make sure you bring your camera! All we ask is that no flash photography is used during the excavation and any donations are greatly appreciated. If people who have mobility issues, and cannot walk for long distance, the nest is on our 3rd bay, so you can drive straight to the beach bar and when you see a load of red t-shirts making their way across the beach, follow them to the site.

We hope that many of you can attend.
See you then
Collsy xxx

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