Friday, August 5, 2011

Excavation tonight! (05/08/2011)

Good morning tursty turtle followers,

This afternoon we have another excavation on Alagadi at the same time of 5:30pm meet up at the Goatshed before heading down to the site. The nest that we are excavating this evening is a green nest, being the females fist clutch of the season. As with every excavation we ask that no flash photography to be used during the excavation and any donations that you can give are greatly appreciated. As without your generous donations we would not be able to buy all the cage materials that we are getting through this season!

With this excavation under the belt that make a total of 29 excavations so far this season with well over 170 more to do, making the total of 191 nests this season!!!Definitely one of our record years!

I am afraid to say that we do not have any release on tonight, both the day hatchers on Alagadi and North returned from morning work with no hatchlings thus making a hatchling release impossible. Also I would like to remind people that we are no longer taking any pre-bookings, as we will not know till 12 o'clock whether we have any hatchlings to release. You know our number by now:05338798533.

We hope that we can have another large turnout this evening and hope may can attend!
See you there

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