Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gooooood morning everyone,

You'll be pleased to know that last night was yet another successful night on Alagadi so we will be holding a public excavation at the usual time of 5.30, meet at Goatshed. We may also be holding a public release so please do call us just after 12 if you want to get on.

May I just remind people that no flash photography can be used during the excavation as the intensity of the light can damage the sight of the newly hatched hatchlings. Also that although we do not charge for these life time experiences, we do ask if you could be so kind enough to leave a donation, as we get no external funding, and we are a charity based organisation. Without your generous donations, our project would not be able to continue to run every year. So thank you so far for all you donations, but please continue to give to allow us to give you these magnificent opportunities to see this stunning creatures still within their natural environment.

Our information centre is open every day from 9am so please feel free to come down and visit us and find out some more interesting turtle information.

Amy x

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