Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sorry for yesterday, no excavation or release today!

Dear followers,

We'd like to apologise for the excavation yesterday as it didn't go according to plan. We had a large group from Turkcell, who kindly donate money towards our petrol bill each year, who came to the excavation. They arrived after the information speech was given by our volunteers, so were given another talk in English and Turkish by Project Leader Robin and Turkish speaking volunteer Errol. By this time, however, the original group had been waiting for some time in the heat on the beach for the second group to arrive. We are sorry to those of you who did not have an enjoyable excavation experience because of this.

We have another large group coming today, this time from the US Emabassy, and we've decided to make this a private event to avoid a repeat of yesterday with mis-timings. It is very unusual for us to take group bookings and we have only made these two special exceptions so far this season. Therefore there is no public excavation or hatchling release on tonight, but hopefully we'll be back on again as usual tomorrow.

Thanks and see you soon

MTCP Project Leader

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  1. Hi there, I participated to Turkcell group who visited Alagadi yesterday. Everything was perfect and thanks for your hosting. It was such a brilliant experience for me and at the same time it was disappointing to see that North Cyprus goverment still have long way to go further to improve our conservation areas conditions.

    As a Cypriot, I would like to say that I really appreciated for all your efforts guys. You have been carrying out really impressive work there.

    After yesterday, I got some ideas or projects -lets say- in my mind to consult you. Im graduated from Media Production and Film Making course in England and at the moment I live in Portsmouth, UK. I did some short movies and documentaries. And for next year, I would like to ask your ideas about documentary that Im willing to film concerning turtle project in Cyprus. Im pretty sure that there are many examples which filmed before but all I want to do something different and striking. The idea is still raw and superficial but I'm eager to formalize and plan it for next year if you would like to help me. Im leaving this topic at this point and if you are interested we can go further for sure.

    Thank you so much,
    Wishing to hear from you soon.