Thursday, June 18, 2009

Windy days

Night watch continues and is getting very very very busy! Conditions are also made diffcicult with the weather conditions being as harsh as they are. While the weather still remains scorching hot during the day, driving all of us except Boner (or Sabine) into the shade (Boner likes to bake in the sun in all temps!), the nights are very windy and on occasion a bit chilly. While some are very prepared for this- ie Jimbob with his full outfit of thermals and long johns! others such as me who stupidly brought very little warm clothes are suffering a little! The wind has made measuring post marks and keeping track of equipment while being pelted in the eyes by a full blown sand storm slightly challenging! But we persist and are constantly being rewarded by a good show of turtles each night.
My body clock is finally starting to get into the rhythm and many are now feeling upon returning from night duty up for a little tipple.....or one tippple to many causing a funny and nasty sight for the rest of us the next morning when they finally arise, namely Celli and Gill lol! We are still spring cleaning the goat shed and pottering arond doing bits and bobs of jobs. Some have been to town today and have bought some potted plants to put out front to bring some colour to the place, they look really pretty and we will have to make an extra effort with our watering to make sure they stay that way.
Dinners have been amazing and we are becoming really quite versatile cooks with our limited ingredients. We have a heap of onions so Robbo made onion soup yesterday for starter (it has been windy days in more ways than one!), then Ana and Libby did an amazing vege pie for main, and then I made chocolate pear maddock for pudding (hope your proud mum and I did it off the top of my head without a recipe!). We havent eaten that much since we've been here so all went to the beach with slightly uncomfortably full bellies!
We are really busy with visitors now and are booking up upto 5 days in advance. While this means we are rushed off our feet, its also really positive, the more people who come and see and see these awesome creatures the more we can educate and the donations can go towards further equipment.
Off on night duty again tonight looking forward to it. Had a quick hour power nap just now so will be up and raring to go by the time 8.00 comes. Think it will be another busy night tonight. Onto more pressing matters who can I 'borrow' a jumper off of tonight.......and who do I want to walk with (otherwise known as who has the best biscuit stash?!). Let the snooping begin....
Kate xx

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  1. We love your blog and all rush home to look at it! Keep up the good work with those turtles - the world would be a sadder place without them! best wishes to all
    The Ferns Family (Libby's family)