Monday, June 1, 2009

First nest in the West!

Volunteer number three, Sam, arrived late last night, bringing the turtle brigade total to 4. And tonight as I write this another 5 are arriving so the peace and quiet of the goat shed will be a thing of the past. An increase in numbers will mean that night training can start in preparation for taking visitors out.
An early morning walk today along Alagadi revealed one new Logger nest, quite close to the water line.
Tom was left at home today with a very long list of jobs and to host to any visitors that popped in, while Robbo, Sam and I headed to the beaches on the West. This was the first time that we had been left to drive and navigate the dune tracks on our own and I discovered that my note taking from the other day left out a lot of vital information! Needless to say there were several wrong turnings, quite a lot of backtracking and more than one occasion where the shovel was required to dig the Rav out of the sand! It was all good fun, so much so that it was quite hard to get Robbo out from behind the wheel.
West 2 and Monster both had Green activity but all were FCA (false crawl attempt). Information can still be gathered from these including track width and position of the body pits (nesting attempts) in relation to the high water mark and vegetation line. There was also a lot of Logger activity along Monster, all FCA or U-turns, until finally at the very end of Monster (it’s a very long beach!) we found a Logger nest – the first nest on the West.
At the end of the day, weary and sunburnt in Akdeniz village, we were invited by Mr Mustafa into the cool shade of his yard for a drink. He always gives us a big wave and calls out a greeting as we drive through Aldeniz so it was nice to spend a little time with him.


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