Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Green we've seen!

Last night was our second night of turtle watch. We all headed down in a staggered fashion to the beach at approx. 8.30. Ainslie, Woody and Sam took Icky and the rest of us did Alagadi 1. We had action pretty early on in the evening with a radio of possible activity on Icky, which turned out to be a Green. Robbo had to make a mad dash for it to the other end of the beach as it was very close to last nights loggerhead (I think they're making it as difficult as possible for us, the sneaky things!). It was first recorded mid-way through its body pit. After demonstration by Robbo, Sam got to tag both the pit (electronic) and flipper (metal ring).
All occupants of the beach minus James got to view the Green which was a great result and helped us with track identification for future reference.
No further activity was seen and after an exhausting night Tom and I did the last walk back at dawn. We saw many dog tracks which shows the ever present threat of predation on the eggs.
Sam summed up our lack of sleep pretty well with his fly catching mouth!
Today, a new day, saw Becca, Anna, Adrian and Penny going west to look for nests. They found lots of activity and three loggerhead nests.
Back at base Celli was in charge of tourist duty so was up nice and early. She along with Ainslie, Libby and a few others were privileged enough to find a chameleon in the garden.
We all slept in after our night on the beach and rose around mid-day. Jobs this afternoon revolved around making posters for advertisements within the local beach bars and town. Celli, Libby and I did this while wailing along to various tunes on the ipod and ballet dancing (not a pretty site!). Sam had the job of making a door for the shower so that more than one person can have a shower at once. We can now shower al fresco two at a time and chat as we do it (going to take some getting used to!). Tom was demolition man and fixed one of the main gates which prevents access to the beach during night hours.
I cooked dinner which comprised of a chuck together of haloumi, potato chips and salad as the fridge was empty. Ainslie was having a nap so we saved her a plate full. Sam managed to get it into his head that it was waste and ended up throwing it in the compost bin!! We managed to scrape together something which vaguely resembled a meal for her so she didn't go hungry!
Another day, another night duty- the group have just gone out to start for the evening, I've got the night off as I'm on tourist duty tomorrow so need to be awake and sharp to be able to get the well needed donations required to keep this project afloat!
Goodnight off to bed, Kate


  1. I am extremely jealous as I would have loved to have done something so worthwhile when I was younger. It must be so satisfying to know you are helping to preserve the turtle population + getting a "brilliant suntan" (remembering the sunscreen)

    Melanie Ripley

  2. I am impressed with the Turtle watching activity - as I am every year - and wondered if there was some way that the weekly English language Cyprus Observer [who regularly print articles about SPOT] could receive 'A Postcard from the Turtle Watchers'? It could be called whatever - and be short and to the point - jovial if you want - plus a couple of photos. Good idea? Push the case of the 2 endangered turtle species? Push the work of Exeter Uni? Push for sponsorship? Keep smiling, Tony