Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bruce almighty

As the season warms up (literally and metaphorically) we’re getting busier and busier, with 7 turtle sitings last night and 15 visitors to the beach! For this reason the blog is becoming slightly less regular but we’re keeping you up to date the best we can.

Tuesday night we had 2 U-turns and a nest on Alagadi 1, as well as an attempt on Iki. One of the U-turns on Alagadi one, came right next to midpoint and made its path all the way around where volunteers and visitors were sitting, creating some pandemonium! The turtle on Iki decided to head straight up to the dunes where the sand is so soft her body pit kept caving in. After 2hours, several attempts and a lot of cursing by volunteers, she decided enough was enough and headed back to the water around 4 am.

Yesterday day time, Tom and Emma headed out north to walk the beaches up there, whilst we went down to Alagadi to repositions posts that beach goers had used as goal posts and GPS all the new nests. After a few fights over the good hammock before dinner, we were ready to set off again for another night watch.

Sam and Kristine took Iki, where they had 3 greens come to nest simultaneously. Sam, having lost one in the dunes decided that it was Kristine’s turn to look for her rather than get himself any more dirty up there. Unfortunately none of these laid but we hope for their return over the next few days.

On bay 3 a turtle came up and started to dig her egg chamber, unfortunately another turtle decided to ascend the beach and the same time and lay directly in front of the first. While digging her body pit she not only pelted the first turtle with large stones and bits of debris but managed to hit her in the face with a flipper! Needless to say the victim went back into the water a little disgruntled, without laying. We have decided to name the latter Bruce due to her spectacular punching skills.

Hopefully it will be another fun packed night tonight, but in the meantime I’m making the most of a little peace and quiet to soak up the sun, lie in a hammock and do some much needed laundry!

Celli x

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