Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cat sick in the West and "excavation" on Alagadi

Hello all!
It has been an interesting few days here at the goat shed!
There were some welcome new arrivals: enthusiastic new volunteers! Emma, Jim bob and Kristine. The North was thoroughly checked by Tom Kate, Emma, Celli and Kristine for turtle activity and juice was drunk in bounty. Oh and a nest was relocated.
Ainslie, Robbo, Jimbob and Ana and I headed out West to set up our new home away from home, so the beaches there could be checked with more ease. We arrived only to find that no one seemed to know where exactly the keys had walked off to, so then had to break into our own house, with the help of a locksmith. Here’s hoping the Turkish man who kindly abandoned his house into our keeping doesn’t return too soon. The water and electricity was switched off, something resembling a pile of cat sick smothered the kitchen floor and there were strange slightly terrifying pictures on the walls. But luckily there were no long dead cats lying around like last time.
After much cleaning and calling of electricity men, the house was in a more welcoming state, so we went off for a very delicious kebab.
Night watch was a busy one. 3 turtles laid: two Greens, one Loggerhead and one Green FCA. So our visitors enjoyed good views of some of the turtles!
One of the highlights of the night for Kristine, Sam, Celli and Adrian was “extensive excavation” of Alagadi 2 due to unforeseen nest marker movement. Kristine says “It was the best hour of digging in my life”. The egg chamber was successfully sighted in the end.
Today most of the turtle gang went into town for a nice change of scenery with the exception of a few manning the goat shed, and Sam and Adrian who did “man work” and built our new bin holder thingy. Wayne from down the road assisted with the cement with Sam optimistically calling out “I can do this in ten minutes.” Yeah Sam 10 minutes. Riiiiiight. 2 Hours later the workmen returned to the goatshed.
Everyone headed out for Night watch tonight with full capacity of visitors. Good luck to them we say.
from libby and kristine

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