Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our First Day

We’re Ana and Libby, two new volunteers for the project!

Today was an early start for us (6 o’clock) as we were checking the beaches on the North Coast for any activity. We found some false crawl attempts and two green turtle nests. Becca explained to us the differences between the loggerhead and green turtle tracks and also how to screen the nests from predators. The nests were given different names to identify them. After many hours of checking the beaches, we were hot, thirsty, sweating and tired so we decided to have an ice cream at a convenient beach bar. It was very satisfying!!! Then there was a long drive back to the base.

Celli, Katy, Sam, Ainslie and Penny were in charge of looking after visitors.

One of the daily jobs around the Goat Shed is to take the food scrap bucket and feed the goats. This task was given to Sam and Penny who came back rather swiftly minus the bin! Apparently the goats were terrifying and they made a hasty retreat. Sam was so scared he locked the gates with Penny still inside!

Our afternoon was spent relaxing, at the beach with the exception of Ainslie who manned the visitor centre and Robbo who was doing some hard haggling on a much needed new car.

Before we start doing night patrols of the beach, we all need to know what is involved so Robbo showed us how to spot, tag and monitor turtle behaviour through the night. Now, we are all off down to the beach for our first night of no sleep and hopefully a turtle or two!!

Ana and Libby

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