Friday, June 5, 2009

Turtles and Ice Cream

Another day at the big turtle house, some activity was spotted last night on Alagadi 1. Two loggerheads were spotted. The first, by a guest from a project on the south side early on in the night, and the second by Sam I am at around midnight. Icky had a FCU from a green turtle, which was franticly measured up by Tom and Celli. Libby lost her flipper and pit tag virginity last night by pit tagging the 1st loggerhead and flipper tagging the second. Becca got to show off her amazing stealth skills on a turtle vanishing the embarrassment of stealthing a tyre a few nights earlier. This was all the action for the night turtle-wise, but people on Alagadi 1 decided to munch some biscuits. The love was not spread to icky, so we went hungry (sob). A long, and exhausting night, was finished off by Tom and Sam, with Sam feeling exceptionally tired from a night of sit ups and push ups for a bet with Celli.

A fresh, awake Kate, opened information centre and used her talent of talking forever, to entice customers to buy things and to donate money to a worthy cause. Becca, Penny, Ana and Adrian went to the north coast and had to relocate a nest from Kantara. Also, the tragic news that Tom’s baby, “retrobob” the turtle nest, had been lost to the high seas the night before rocked the camp. We all have our fingers crossed that the eggs are still OK, just MIA.

After the tragic news was broken, and tears had been shed, we all got about to doing some work. Becca and Tom painted the barrier, the fans had the plugs mysteriously fitted by an unknown volunteer (Although we suspect Ainslie did it). Any further information on this mystery would be gratefully appreciated. Robbo arrived back from town bringing presents of food and t-shirts and was followed by a surprise visit from the ice cream man with all his crazy but nice flavours.

Robbo arranged a meeting at around 2 o’clock to instruct us all the ways of the kit bags. During the meeting Robbo was interviewed by the local media and explained all our hard work and asked for everyone to help keep the beaches clean. Kate and Penny were also asked for a quick statement.

How could this day get any better? Well it did by two magicians in the kitchen who produced an amazing meal fit for a king. Ana did arrive on the scene to help rescue these two chefs from their late service. The meal went down well and the team have now left to go off on another adventure searching for turtles

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