Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hakuna MaTurtle

Morning Turtle Bloggers! Apologies for no update yesterday, we had lost all power here at the Goatshed. But we are back in business! Therefore you'll get 2 jokes today! And after the first, I bring good news... But first: Why was the turtle antisocial? Because he couldn't come out of his shell! The good news is that 2 nests hatched on Alagadi last night! This includes a Green nest which I I witnessed being layed on August 1st under the full moon! This means that after a few days without, we DO have an excavation on today! Come to the Goatshed for 4 o clock and we'll walk down onto the beach, no need to book. However, as for a release it is still too early in the day to tell whether or not we will be running one. The blog will be updated if we have one on, but it's also worth giving us a call when we start taking bookings at 12, even if the blog hasn't yet been updated. So once again, that number is 05338798533. So that second joke you've been dying for? Well here you are! How do turtles like their cheese? Mi-GRATED! And finally, today I will be reading the book 'Harry Potter and the Turtle of Fire', and watching the film 'How to Train Your Turtle'... Have a good day! Roger

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