Monday, September 10, 2012

Excavation this evening (10/09/2012)

Good morning trusty bloggers! I apologies for the delay in the update of the blog this morning, but our morning was taken up with the change over of people from our west base, and it all got a bit emotional as for some of us, its our last week here in Cyprus :( so sad farewells were made, time fly's when you working with turtles all day! Anywho, we do have an excavation this evening at 4pm as usual. It is on our third bay from the base, to the right of the beach bar. We did not gain any hatchlings from the north or Alagadi day work this morning, so if we get any more hatchlings out of the nest this evening, we will be taking bookings after the excavation, but people who turn up for the excavation will receive priority over booking on to the release. So in order to secure yourself a place on the release if there is one, please turn up for the excavation for quarter to 4, and we will walk you down from there. We hope that you have a very pleasant day, and hope to see some of you at the excavation this evening. Collsy xxx

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