Sunday, September 16, 2012

Turtle Eclipse of the Heart

Why were the 2 turtles arguing?... Because they were at Loggerheads with each other! That's right folks! For the next week, a brand new joke formed by one of our esteemed volunteers will appear on here! Stay tuned for some real scorchers! You may even be able to add a few of them to your homemade Christmas Crackers in December... And now for the latest update on the goings on here: We're afraid that, due to no nest activity last night, there are no public excavations or releases today. Things are slowing down now as we are beginning to come to the end of this year's season as most of the nests have now hatched. However, we do still have some nests that are due so keep an eye out as they could go any day now! If you would like to come to an excavation or release, it's worth ringing the Goatshed on 05338798533 each day to see if we will be holding any of these events to come along to. Remember also that we can only take a limited number to our releases, and bookings will be taken from 12 if we have one on. Excavations will be open to all. As it's the first day, I shall leave you with one more bonus joke: What is a Loggerhead's favourite pudding? JELLY-fish! Until the next time! Roger

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