Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Did It Turtle's Way

Why was the turtle nest a success? Because it was eggs-ellent! As has been my past 2 months here on the Turtle Project! Yes, my time has come to leave. It's been an amazing couple of months in which I've seen so many amazing things. The people too have been great - both those I've worked with and all of you who come and support our work. It's always great to see your enthusiasm and all your support and active help combined with the actual experience of these brilliant animals in a fantastic place makes this the most rewarding Summer I've had. But although my time has come, yours is not yet over! Again we still have some nests due to hatch, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for your chance to share some of your time with hatchlings too! Excavations and releases will still be taking place over the next couple of weeks with the last nests of the season. The blog will still be updated with news of these events, and the phone lines are also still open on (009)05338798533. But alas, I must depart. And on the plane home I shall be read 'Harry Potter and the Turtle of Azkaban'. Farewell Turtle Bloggers! It's been great! Roger x (Oh, and for the film I'll be watching mid-flight...) PS. I Love Turtles

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