Saturday, July 9, 2011

Alagadi update

Hey bloggers!

Today we'll be giving you an update on the turtle nesting at Alagadi. We've just passed the midway point of our nesting season and we currently have 115 nests. Last season we totalled 123 nests so it looks like we are on the way to an impressive nesting season.

Of these 115 nests, 86 are from green turtles and 29 from loggerhead turtles; 23 of these greens and 1 of these loggers are first time nesters. The volunteers are being kept busy during their nightwork, as females seem to be synching their laying - we had 8 nesting at the same time during one night!

Our nightime nesting excursions are still occurring and will continue to until the end of the nesting season (early August). If you would like to join us, please drop by the Goatshed or give us a call on: 05338798533. Please note, we fill up quickly so book your night as soon as possible!

In the following weeks, volunteers will be writing little profiles to inform you about the individuals doing the hardwork of turtle conservation and research.

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