Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Update on satellite turtles

Our male green turtle who got more than he bargained for when we attached a satellite transmitter to him as he rode in up the beach on top of a nesting female, has left Alagadi and has been hanging out off Paphos international airport for the last week. Will he stay there to winter or move of to warmer waters when winter comes?


One of two female loggerheads has now left the Guzelyurt/Morphou bay area where she was tagged and has trekked across the north coast over the last 2 days and is now off Karpaz. Will she carry on East to Syria?


To keep up-to-date with these turtles and three other loggerheads, and to follow them to their wintering grounds, wherever in the Mediterranean these may be go to:


To see tracks of turtles followed in 2010 go to:


Tracks from 2009 turtles can be found here:


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