Friday, September 3, 2010

No excavation BUT news flash!

Good morning turtle followers,

Sorry for the late update, the blog this morning would not co-operate thus the lack of an update! However, we are not having an excavation or a release on this evening. But please don't stop giving us a call in the mornings, and keep coming down to visit us. Although the holiday season is finishing, the turtle project is still open for business.

We would like to thank the Russian family for their cake making skills last night for the release! - You know how to make a group of volunteers very happy!! AMAZING!

-JB/monkey's morning hair is amazing!
-Collsy and Laura are dying or Errol aids!
-Laura diminished a pot of chocolate spread - with a spoon!
-Afro goat licked Laura's hand!
-Smallest Loggerhead EVER from North!
-Kim is complaining about reversing 20m after a missed turn….. awww diddums
-Kim is now having a tantrum double diddums!!
-Caterpillar just crawled up from sleepy…LAZY!
-Westies are returning back to the Goatshed as our west base closes for the season.
-Thus turtle project is going well!!!


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