Saturday, September 11, 2010

***Excavation this evening***

Merhaba turtle followers,

I am happy to announce that we do have an excavation on this evening. Sorry for the late update of the blog, our internet dongle was playing hid and seek!! So the excavation is on Alagadi, and for those who have mobility issues, can meet us down at eh beach bar where you should see some volunteers in red t-shirts followed by hopefully a reasonable sized crowd at around 6:15pmish.

The nest this evening is a green nest which has been hatching now for 48 hours so it is time to see whether there are any stragglers left in the nest that just need a helping hand out of the egg chamber.

We are starting to slow up now on the excavation front, with our season now almost coming to an end. We only have a remaining 10 or so nests left now, so those who would like to come to an excavation please do keep checking the blog and giving us a call as time is sadly coming to an end…but not just yet so please keep supporting us in any way that you can and we hope that we can provide you with a few more excavations yet to come. Incidentally we are not sure yet whether or not we are having a release this evening, as no hatchling came of and morning walks. So we will wait until the excavation and see if we have any hatchlings out of the nest, and then we can hopefully book some people in. If not again do keep giving us a call in the mornings and hopefully we will be having a release.

Our number is; (009)05338798533
Hope to see as many people as possible tonight,


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